The Social Media World at War for Your Loyalty

social Media wars - Photo by: tomyleesEver get the sense that there’s some tension between all the social media companies out there? You may have noticed you can’t directly access Instagram pictures from Twitter or that you can’t post to Facebook from LinkedIn. Behind the scenes on all these social platforms, wars are being waged to compete for the most users, have the best user experience, and incorporate the latest technologies.

Hootsuite, a social media management company, recently laid out the social media realm with a great infographic shown in a Game of Thrones style (nothing less than awesome). If you’re

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not familiar with infographics, this is a great example of how to provide information in a clean and interesting format that connects with your target audience. Here we break down the infographic to get you up to date on the realm of social media and how these social wars may be affecting your business.

Big Blockades

In the last few years there’s been a big increase in social media companies blocking each other from their channels. Twitter and Facebook are often cited as the two major players fighting against each other, and their track record shows how social platforms are cutting each other off. Back in 2012, Twitter stopped allowing users access through Instagram (which had been bought that year by Facebook). Facebook struck back by blocking users from using Instagram to connect to Twitter. Later

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when Twitter released Vine in early 2013, Facebook put up a blockade against this app as well. The infographic also describes the brawls between Twitter and LinkedIn, plus the tensions between Twitter and Google. If you need to brush up on your social media companies, check out the quick facts, listed through the link above, to get info on each of the major players.

What the Wars Mean for Your Business

Chances are you use at least one of the social channels mentioned in the infographic and you’ve probably seen the benefits that social media use has for your business. But you might be getting frustrated with the blockades set up between Facebook and Twitter

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or just fed up in general with social media. The warring companies aren’t likely to form a peace treaty anytime soon, so it’s important to concentrate on the channels that are most useful to your business, regardless of the relations between the companies.

So, if your business would benefit from using a quick and mobile friendly video tool, try using Vine. Even though Facebook has blocked the app from being able to find your Facebook friends, Vine is a great tool for making and sharing videos about your business. You can still post vine videos to Facebook via the Vine app or by posting a direct link. Vine is still a fairly new social tool but it’s worth giving it a shot. Customers respond well to visual marketing.

If you’re not familiar with Vine, here’s a Search Engine Watch article with examples of Vine videos and explanations on how to use the app. Check out the other channels listed in the infographic for more social media platforms you can try out for your business. You’re a player too in the war of social media, so concentrate on what’s best for your business and let the wars rage on!