Photo Booth Owners Can Now Use Super Local Search Via Google

keyword planner toolPhotobooth business owners need to know about this helpful tool from Google that recently rolled out. The online tool not only helps identify your most searched keywords, but helps you decide what local areas to target in your marketing endeavors. The process is simple, and once you get started you’ll wonder how you ever went without it.

Local Really Means Local!

In the past, Google’s description of “local” meant “within the US” but now things are a little different. A “local” search now utilizes your current location and allows you to choose surrounding areas to find exactly how

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many people are searching keywords from areas defined by Google map boundaries. The Google Adwords “Keyword Planner” takes you a step closer to the kind of transparency that will tell you how many people are looking for you locally.

Location Based Data, As Easy As 1,2,3!

1) Access Google Adwords Keyword Tool here and log in with your Gmail account. (If you don’t have a Gmail account just create one, it’s free.) While logging in isn’t required, it allows you to save your searches which is very useful. Once you’re in, find the “Keyword Planner” tab under “Tools and Analysis” and click it.


Keyword planner tool display


2) The Keyword Planner is capable of a few different things. When you choose it you will be prompted to make another choice. Choose “Enter or upload keywords to see how they perform” This will bring you to a box where you can enter keywords. To better demonstrate we have entered “Photobooth Rental”.

Super Local Keyword Screen

3) After you enter the keywords you’d like to look at, look below the main box for the word “Targeting”. It’s here that you can begin narrowing down your search to specific locations. As an example we have entered Portland, Maine. You will see to the right of the location you can click the word “nearby” which will show a list of neighboring towns which you can choose to add to your search.

Super Local Location Input


You’re In Control Of Your Search!

Once you’ve reached this spot you have gained full control of the search. You can pick through the surrounding towns or search each individually. A corresponding map on the left side of the screen will show you the areas you are selecting by shading them in blue like this:


Super Local Google Map Display


Once you’ve selected the areas you’d like to focus on, just click the button below that says “Get Search Volume”. You’ll be quickly redirected to a page which will show you the average monthly searches and level of competition for the keyword you chose in the specific areas you selected.

Super Local Search Results

The Most Specific Search Results on The Internet

In just a few moments you’ve found the most specific results available on the internet. They cost you nothing, and you’ll instantly have a better idea of how to reach your target market in your local area. As a photobooth business owner, this tool will save you time, giving you the exact data you’re looking for. Best of all, it’s easy and free. Now go make it work for you!