Q. Is this a franchise?

 A. No! When you buy a photo booth from AAA Photo Booth you own the booth outright and are free to operate without any franchise restrictions or contracts.

Q. What do I do if something goes wrong with my booth or photographic equipment after purchase?

 A. When buying a photo booth, the warranty is in your name and we will supply all the contact details you need. It is worth pointing out that none of our materials, components or photographic equipment is reconditioned or recycled so you can be confident that your photo booth is in perfect condition.

Q. Do I have to buy my photographic paper or other future supplies from AAA Photo Booth?

 A. No. What is more we will be happy to supply you with a list of suppliers.

Q. Are AAA photo booths difficult to operate?

 A. No. Operating and reloading the equipment is simple. If you rent a AAA photo booth a professional AAA member of staff will be in attendance.

Q. Do the panels typically look like the one on your site or are they just black or can I tell you how I want them to look?

 A. Panels come standard in black, white panels are available . You can choose a panel upgrade to add graphics of your choice on the panels.

Q. Can photo booths be customized?

 A. Absolutely. Just contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Q. If I buy an AAA photo booth will I need a lot of storage space?

 A. The photo booth can be taken apart in minutes using basic tools that are supplied with your booth.

Q. Can you print the 2 of the traditional strips with 4 pictures on each side so that there would be 2 identical copies?

 A . Yes. Prints can be 2 strips. Your final prints and can be set up for many different combinations; 2 strips with 4 photos each is the most common setup.

Q. Can you print in color or black & white?

 A. Yes, you can print in color or black & white.

Q. When it’s broken down, what are the dimensions of the box and how much does it weigh?

 A. The full set measures 40 x 70. With the frame completely disassembled it can be carried in the wheeled tote bag. Weight of the unit unassembled is under 200 lbs.

Q. Can you do video?

 A. Yes, we have options for video.

Q. Can you have second monitors?

 A. Yes, that is also an option.

Q. Are webcam photo booths different from the regular ones?

 A. Yes we do not use web cameras, They are of less quality and don’t meet the standards of an AAA Photo Booth. AAA Photo Booths all come with Canon DSLR Cameras giving top quality to your photos.