Mobile Marketing Is A Must!

phone picAs a photo booth owner, you may think that standard marketing is the way to go. However, it’s important to remember that Mobile Marketing is a great way to find even more customers! Mobile Marketing covers more than just smartphones- don’t forget about tablet and iPad users. In order for Mobile Marketing to be the most effective, your overall marketing strategy should combine both mobile and standard marketing as one.

As we demonstrated in Power Editor (click here if you need a refresher!) ads on Facebook are particularly helpful when you want to target a specific audience. Ads on Facebook are only a small piece of the puzzle though. In order to make Mobile Marketing really work for you, consider making your business’s website tailored for mobile users as well. This means a few things. One, you could decide that you want to make a website that is specifically for smartphone users, and is a copy of your original website, but is a little bit simpler in terms of navigation and link access. This could mean adding clickable links that are easier to find, or larger text that shows up better on smaller screens.

Two, you could go for the full approach, instead creating a site that is tailored for not only smartphones, but also tablet users and customers who have the odd sized screen to navigate. No matter what approach you choose, it’s important to have a Responsive Site. The benefit to smartphones and tablets is that users have a touchscreen that they can interact with. Make the mobile experience a simple one by keeping your homepage clean: keep contact information in a place where website visitors can easily see it, and add social media buttons to the top (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) This ensures that your potential customers will come back to your site at another point, or have an interest in following you on other avenues through social media. Your mobile site should be responsive to zooming in and out, and the text should be easy to read. The easier, the better!

As a photo booth owner, using Mobile Marking to your advantage can give you the edge you need in addition to traditional marketing strategies. Through building a custom mobile site, your customers will have access to your product at all times, even on the go!

For more information and tips, check out’s “How to Make Your Website More Mobile Friendly”

Photo Booth Owners Can Now Use Super Local Search Via Google

keyword planner toolPhotobooth business owners need to know about this helpful tool from Google that recently rolled out. The online tool not only helps identify your most searched keywords, but helps you decide what local areas to target in your marketing endeavors. The process is simple, and once you get started you’ll wonder how you ever went without it.

Local Really Means Local!

In the past, Google’s description of “local” meant “within the US” but now things are a little different. A “local” search now utilizes your current location and allows you to choose surrounding areas to find exactly how

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many people are searching keywords from areas defined by Google map boundaries. The Google Adwords “Keyword Planner” takes you a step closer to the kind of transparency that will tell you how many people are looking for you locally. [Read more...]

Upgrade Your Photo Booth Business’s Website Using Comparisons

Example website # 1A Good Homepage Makes a Good First Impression

As you probably know, your homepage is often a potential client’s’ first impression of your business. It has to be eye catching and user friendly to encourage your guests to take the action you want them to take, whether it is to call you, join your list or contact you through an email form. Knowing this, wouldn’t you want it to be as modern, user friendly and great-looking as possible?

Sometimes the best way to upgrade the look and feel of your homepage is to be the critic of your competitions homepages. Find two or three photo booth company websites that aren’t your direct competition (ie, sites that don’t serve your same area). Get ideas from color pallets to action taking elements and learn about them. [Read more...]

Photo Booth Marketing – All You Need to Know About Testimonials

Testimonials - Photo by NewEndProductionsTestimonials are a key marketing strategy used to attract new business and build trust. Testimonials are like references- they reveal to potential customers how past customers rate their experiences with a business. They allow new customers to feel comfortable with your business, and it’s important to have valuable testimonials on hand that you can show to potential clients.  Here are a few tips on how to go about collecting testimonials that are sure to be great marketing your photo booth business.

Provide a Platform to Get Testimonials

Valuable testimonials provide a mixture of information, compliment, and recommendation. They begin with a satisfied customer who feels he or she has benefited from using your service or product. Step 1 in collecting your customer’s thoughts is offering them a platform to give feedback. If you have a website, create a page for success stories and testimonials. Have your customers send in stories about their experiences with your business. Ask them to tell about the photo booth they rented, the aspects of your business that they enjoyed (such as timeliness), and whether they would rent a photo booth from you again. [Read more...]

How Smart Businesses Use Twitter – Hint, It’s not About How Many Followers you Have!

listening on twitter - phtoto by: opensourcewayVanity metrics is the phrase used to describe numbers that are impressive but vastly overrated. Take Twitter for example. People and programs, blogs and articles focus on how to gain more followers but few touch on the real value of twitter; listening.

Out of the 1 billion Tweets every week, how valuable would it be to know when someone mentioned your brand, service, product or competitor? Being able to see and respond to these social media blasts puts you in the more powerful position of responding to activity rather than creating content and trying to gain followers as mentioned in the article linked to above. [Read more...]

Spring Wedding Season Top 5 FAQ’s for Photo Booth Owners

spring wedding season by: Tim BouwerThe warm weather and chirping birds are proof that spring wedding season is upon us. As their special day approaches, your clients will want to confirm that your photo booth business will meet all their needs. Having a wedding in an unpredictable season like Spring can be stressful, but you can easily calm your clients’ fears by preparing confident answers for the questions they will ask. To help you out, we’ve compiled the top 5 most common questions so you can be ready with well-prepared answers.


  • How long have you been in business?   This question is the most common when considering any service, so even if you haven’t been an established photo booth business for very long it’s important to answer honestly. In the instance that you’ve only been in the business for a year or less, stay away from specifics. Use phrasing like “We are a fairly new business, but we’ve had excellent feedback and worked many different types of events!”. This is a great time to pull out your portfolio, thus leading us to the next question.

    • Do you have references?   In short, you need references. Be prepared to have printed testimonials and examples of your work in a digital and printed portfolio to share with your potential clients. This will not only provide them with tangible proof of the product they’ll receive, but reinforce their decision to choose you based on the great feedback from your past customers.


    • What kind of equipment do you use?   For AAAPhotoBooth owners this question will be an easy one to answer with confidence. You can assure your clients that your photo booth business uses the most cutting edge software and equipment. There is no need to overwhelm them with details. Knowing the brand name and model of your equipment will be enough for most clients.


    • What will the booth look like:  This question is bride code for “Will it be an eyesore?”, so be ready to show the client pictures of the booth looking its best and most unobtrusive. Let your clients know the dimensions of the booth and what it requires to function (outlets, a sheltered area, etc.). If applicable let the client know you can be flexible with their theme, blending the photo booth into their decor or color scheme. For AAAPhotoBooth client’s that service mostly weddings, the booths now come in white!


    • How long does it take to set up? Can you set up early?  Weddings run on a tight time schedule. Making sure your clients know you can set up quickly and work with their timeline is key to maintaining their business. When the issue of time comes up, be sure to learn your client’s expectations so you will both be on the same page when the day of the event arrives.


    The key to keeping your photo booth business on top is preparation. If you can answer all of these questions professionally and back up your answers with visual proof then your client will feel confident they are working with the best in the business.


Six Quick Tips To Getting Started in the Photo Booth Business

Photo Booth Business | Photo By:Sal FalkoAn increasingly popular feature at wedding receptions, company parties, class reunions and birthday celebrations, photo booths are a growing sector in the event planning industry. These steps will help provide a template for getting starting in this surging novelty market:


1. Put together a business plan: Determine who will operate the photo booth business (you? you and a partner?), and write out why that person is the right person for the job. Ask what problem the business hopes to solve, how it will solve it, and who it will serve. Think about the capital and resource requirements need to get the business going, and look for the funding necessary to meet them.


2. Take a look around at the market: Will this be the first photo booth business in the area, or are there dozens of professional photographers offering a similar service? Gauge each potential competitor, and look for ways the new photo booth business can stand out in the crowd. Photo booths range widely in price depending on their features; be sure to know what the competitors have in their arsenal before putting down money on a booth.


3. Make the initial purchases: Choose a photo booth that fits the business plan, and take the leap. Additional start-up costs could include marketing materials, camera equipment, photo booth props, business cards, or liability insurance.


4. Get a marketing plan together: Establish a brand that works well for the target audience, and stick with it. Choose logos, make a basic website, setup email accounts, and start social media accounts before the business goes live. Start cultivating content on all those channels so potential customers will have something to base their decision on.


5. Know how the payment will work: Set up all bank accounts, payment methods and pricing structures needed for the first year of business. Customers will want to see that payment is going to a credible source, and business owners will want to avoid last-minute questions when it comes to money.


6. Put together a portfolio: Especially in markets that are already home to a photo booth business, new owners will need to demonstrate their work and have examples of their services. Considering offering up a free or heavily discounted photo booth rental to a friend’s wedding, community organization’s party, or local high school’s reunion. Gathering examples of the fun, high-quality shots this new photo booth business produces will be key to building a customer base.

Building Pricing Packages to Grow Your Photo Booth Business

Grow Your Photo Booth Business - Photo Credit: Eric Dickman

1. Set a baseline: Determine the shortest event timeline you’re willing to work, and offer it with a single set of photos for each session. Depending on the style of photo booth and the set up, the final product could be digital images available for download from your company’s website, or small, printed photos that are available immediately at the event. Set a minimum event time (2 hours is a good

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starting point), and bill a set amount Always include necessities, such as booth attendants or setup/take-down time.

Here’s a sample:

  • 2 hours of photos
  • Free photo strips for every customer
  • Photos will be available for download at our website after the event
  • 1 photo booth attendant
  • Setup and breakdown not included in 2 hours of service


2. Set a top tier: Roll out all the standard options for the most inclusive, most expensive package you plan to offer. Gear this package toward your target audience — if wedding receptions are the focus of your client base, then design this top package for a long wedding reception. Include every step of every applicable package you offer elsewhere, as well as final extras and a longer service time.

Here’s a sample:

  • 4 hours of photos
  • Free photo strips for every customer
  • Customized photo strips for the event
  • Customized photo album printed after the event
  • CD of all photos
  • Photos will be available for download after the event
  • 2 photo booth attendants
  • Setup and breakdown not included in 4 hours of service


3. Fill in with additional options: Variations in the length of the event, the final photo options offered, the number of attendants available, and additional services should occupy the middle pricing tier. Base the pricing for these tiers by the number of hours worked.


4. Keep specialty items a-la-carte: For event-specific requests — such as photo strips that match a wedding’s color scheme, a printed banner of the newlywed couple’s photo booth portraits, etc. — offer a menu of a la carte pricing options that can be added to any package. Many companies also offer the extra pieces of higher-end packages as individually priced options. This allows customers who opt for a shorter rental, but want the added items such as a photo CD, to get the package they’re looking for.

10 Photo Booth Props for Every Occasion

Photo booth props add levity and a sense of fun to each shot taken in your photo booth. While the type and manner of the prop will vary by occasion—cartoon glasses might be a harder sell at a banquet dinner than at a jovial wedding reception—a steady cast of stand-by items will provide a base to build on for each event.


1. A small chalkboard and chalk – Guests can write messages about themselves or the event hosts, or phrases they’d like included in the photo.

2. Feather boas in various colors – Easy to pack and appropriate for kitsch or put-on class, a feather boa plays well at a young wedding or a 50-year reunion.

3. Flowers – From formal to fun, a small offering of fresh (or reasonably realistic artificial) flowers gives guests something to do with their hands while posing, and adds color to the shot.

4. Balloons – Whether they’re scattered at the base of a photo or filled with helium and held, a handful of inflated balloons are a low-cost, easily replaced item to keep in your kit.

5. Empty frames – Large enough to frame the face and small enough to avoid comedy, a set of empty frames add a level of depth and perspective to the overall shot.

6. Brightly colored pinwheels – Offering contrast to a solid backdrop and the ability to create a bright palette in a single group shot, a set of paper pinwheels in bold colors can be independently made or inexpensively bought for each event.

7. A quote bubble – Shaped from a chalkboard or paper, a handful of quote bubbles can add a nice message to the event host, or a playful phrase to the photo. Create one out of dry erase-board paper or paint to make it reusable.

8. Bowties in various colors – In

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prints that aren’t too flashy or glittery, easy-to-apply bow ties are useful at any event. Attach paper copies to the end of a wooden dowel, or offer clip-on cloth versions.

9. Sunglasses – Keep a small set of black, plastic sunglasses on hand for use at daytime or evening events. They add a small amount of humor to a formal event photo without going over the top, or play into a broader, sillier photo scheme in a more festive setting.

10. A fake moustache on a stick – Someone will use it, no matter the occasion. Same goes for a pair of bright red lips.

Joining Your Local Chamber of Commerce as a Photo Booth Business

The Ups and Downs of Joining Your Chamber Of Commerce

Photo Credit: Sussman Imaging


The Chamber of commerce provides a multitude of tools and platforms to benefit business members. Rates often vary by the level of membership and benefits offered, and the weight of a “Chamber Member” designation varies widely by community.

The responsibility of effectively using and taking advantage of those tools and platforms falls to the owner. Business owners get out of an association membership what they put in. Read up on the benefits offered—these may include networking opportunities, directory listings, or expo events—and think about how they could work for your business.

Look into the reach of the association — is it focused on business-to-business interaction, is it directed more toward consumers, or is there an equal balance?

Consider the ups and downs of a membership before joining:

Up: Directory listings – Take advantage of the association’s connections with business directories. A chamber of commerce might maintain its own online directory, submit business information to outside directories, or both. Submitting detailed service descriptions for the chamber to use in those listings will increase exposure.

Down: Outdated directory listings – A listing with an outdated phone number, email address or ratings listing won’t do much good. Be sure to know who is responsible for keeping listing information current.

Up: Connections to local businesses – Through networking events, member spotlights, and full association meetings, a chamber offers in-person connections to other local business owners. Among the potential related benefits for the photo booth business is an amped-up referral network. 

Down: Connections take time – To take full advantage of the connections offered, it’s crucial for the business owner to attend networking events and annual meetings. Volunteering for ad-hoc committees and special events offers additional opportunities to build up your Rolodex. If you’re a sole proprietor or small business owner, those commitments can be difficult to work into your schedule.

Up: Advocacy and support – Depending on the size of the community and nature of the association, your local chamber might be involved in numerous business advocacy and economic development efforts.

Down: Potential conflict related to advocacy – Business advocacy and economic development fit the chamber’s goals and purpose, but the positions the association takes might not always agree with your customers. Understand your local chamber’s leanings and how your main customer base might view them.