Mobile Marketing Is A Must!

phone picAs a photo booth owner, you may think that standard marketing is the way to go. However, it’s important to remember that Mobile Marketing is a great way to find even more customers! Mobile Marketing covers more than just smartphones- don’t forget about tablet and iPad users. In order for Mobile Marketing to be the most effective, your overall marketing strategy should combine both mobile and standard marketing as one.

As we demonstrated in Power Editor (click here if you need a refresher!) ads on Facebook are particularly helpful when you want to target a specific audience. Ads on Facebook are only a small piece of the puzzle though. In order to make Mobile Marketing really work for you, consider making your business’s website tailored for mobile users as well. This means a few things. One, you could decide that you want to make a website that is specifically for smartphone users, and is a copy of your original website, but is a little bit simpler in terms of navigation and link access. This could mean adding clickable links that are easier to find, or larger text that shows up better on smaller screens.

Two, you could go for the full approach, instead creating a site that is tailored for not only smartphones, but also tablet users and customers who have the odd sized screen to navigate. No matter what approach you choose, it’s important to have a Responsive Site. The benefit to smartphones and tablets is that users have a touchscreen that they can interact with. Make the mobile experience a simple one by keeping your homepage clean: keep contact information in a place where website visitors can easily see it, and add social media buttons to the top (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) This ensures that your potential customers will come back to your site at another point, or have an interest in following you on other avenues through social media. Your mobile site should be responsive to zooming in and out, and the text should be easy to read. The easier, the better!

As a photo booth owner, using Mobile Marking to your advantage can give you the edge you need in addition to traditional marketing strategies. Through building a custom mobile site, your customers will have access to your product at all times, even on the go!

For more information and tips, check out’s “How to Make Your Website More Mobile Friendly”

Marketing Your Photobooth For The Holiday Season

shutterstock_156798206Having a successful photo booth business means marketing effectively for all seasons. There’s always a lot of popularity & business in the summer months, but now that fall & winter are approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how to market your photo booth for cold weather events like winter weddings & holiday parties. [Read more...]

How to Create a Campaign in Power Editor

Facebook Power Editor 2Now that you have a very basic overview of how Power Editor works, let’s delve a little deeper and talk about how to set up Ad Campaigns! Although it can see complicated, using this step by step guide you’ll soon be on your way to creating great ads to target your customers.

How to Create a Campaign

1. The Dashboard

In the Power Editor dashboard, go up to the top. There you will see a button next to “Ads” called “Campaigns” which you will then click on. After clicking Campaigns, click the button below it called Create a Campaign. This will bring you to the menu seen below, where you will then name your new campaign (mine is Ex). Then you can go ahead and choose what kind of budget your campaign will have, as well as the start and end dates. [Read more...]

Power Editor: An Overview

Facebook Power EditorPhoto booth owners definitely need to know about this great new tool that Facebook recently made available. This tool will not only streamline your online ad experience on Facebook, but it will also make it easier for you to target specific audiences such as customers and current fans of your Page. After using this tool, you’ll never want to go back to just relying on Boosting Facebook ads and hoping for the best!

Before Power Editor, you were required to make and manage ads individually, costing time and money to companies like you that are forced to do your own advertising. However, now managing ads is simple: control multiple campaigns under one account, and have full control of creative elements, bidding, targeting new customers and more. [Read more...]

Photo Booth Owners Can Now Use Super Local Search Via Google

keyword planner toolPhotobooth business owners need to know about this helpful tool from Google that recently rolled out. The online tool not only helps identify your most searched keywords, but helps you decide what local areas to target in your marketing endeavors. The process is simple, and once you get started you’ll wonder how you ever went without it.

Local Really Means Local!

In the past, Google’s description of “local” meant “within the US” but now things are a little different. A “local” search now utilizes your current location and allows you to choose surrounding areas to find exactly how

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many people are searching keywords from areas defined by Google map boundaries. The Google Adwords “Keyword Planner” takes you a step closer to the kind of transparency that will tell you how many people are looking for you locally. [Read more...]

Upgrade Your Photo Booth Business’s Website Using Comparisons

Example website # 1A Good Homepage Makes a Good First Impression

As you probably know, your homepage is often a potential client’s’ first impression of your business. It has to be eye catching and user friendly to encourage your guests to take the action you want them to take, whether it is to call you, join your list or contact you through an email form. Knowing this, wouldn’t you want it to be as modern, user friendly and great-looking as possible?

Sometimes the best way to upgrade the look and feel of your homepage is to be the critic of your competitions homepages. Find two or three photo booth company websites that aren’t your direct competition (ie, sites that don’t serve your same area). Get ideas from color pallets to action taking elements and learn about them. [Read more...]

The Social Media World at War for Your Loyalty

social Media wars - Photo by: tomyleesEver get the sense that there’s some tension between all the social media companies out there? You may have noticed you can’t directly access Instagram pictures from Twitter or that you can’t post to Facebook from LinkedIn. Behind the scenes on all these social platforms, wars are being waged to compete for the most users, have the best user experience, and incorporate the latest technologies.

Hootsuite, a social media management company, recently laid out the social media realm with a great infographic shown in a Game of Thrones style (nothing less than awesome). If you’re

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not familiar with infographics, this is a great example of how to provide information in a clean and interesting format that connects with your target audience. Here we break down the infographic to get you up to date on the realm of social media and how these social wars may be affecting your business.

[Read more...]

Photo Booth Marketing – All You Need to Know About Testimonials

Testimonials - Photo by NewEndProductionsTestimonials are a key marketing strategy used to attract new business and build trust. Testimonials are like references- they reveal to potential customers how past customers rate their experiences with a business. They allow new customers to feel comfortable with your business, and it’s important to have valuable testimonials on hand that you can show to potential clients.  Here are a few tips on how to go about collecting testimonials that are sure to be great marketing your photo booth business.

Provide a Platform to Get Testimonials

Valuable testimonials provide a mixture of information, compliment, and recommendation. They begin with a satisfied customer who feels he or she has benefited from using your service or product. Step 1 in collecting your customer’s thoughts is offering them a platform to give feedback. If you have a website, create a page for success stories and testimonials. Have your customers send in stories about their experiences with your business. Ask them to tell about the photo booth they rented, the aspects of your business that they enjoyed (such as timeliness), and whether they would rent a photo booth from you again. [Read more...]

How Smart Businesses Use Twitter – Hint, It’s not About How Many Followers you Have!

listening on twitter - phtoto by: opensourcewayVanity metrics is the phrase used to describe numbers that are impressive but vastly overrated. Take Twitter for example. People and programs, blogs and articles focus on how to gain more followers but few touch on the real value of twitter; listening.

Out of the 1 billion Tweets every week, how valuable would it be to know when someone mentioned your brand, service, product or competitor? Being able to see and respond to these social media blasts puts you in the more powerful position of responding to activity rather than creating content and trying to gain followers as mentioned in the article linked to above. [Read more...]

Customize Your Photo Booth Props While Saving Money!

Photo Booth Props -Photo By fantabandfrugalProps Make the Day

Posing with friends and capturing silly faces makes a photo booth fun for any occasion, but adding props really gets the party going. A cowboy hat or pink feather boa lets guests play around and let loose. It’s a good idea to have a collection of props on hand for your photo booth that lend themselves to different types of parties. But there’s no need to buy every prop out there. Think about what items guests will

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have the most fun with and plan accordingly when budgeting for props. Here are a few ideas to maximize both your collection of props and the fun your guests will have.

Pick the Best Props for the Occasion

Ask your customers about the party or occasion they’re renting a photo booth for. A birthday party for a 6 year-old boy has a different theme and vibe than an elegant banquet. Categorize the various types of events that your clients have and buy props based on these groups. For instance, guests at a graduation party or a high school prom could both enjoy funny hats, sunglasses, and message boards they can hold up. [Read more...]