10 Photo Booth Props for Every Occasion

Photo booth props add levity and a sense of fun to each shot taken in your photo booth. While the type and manner of the prop will vary by occasion—cartoon glasses might be a harder sell at a banquet dinner than at a jovial wedding reception—a steady cast of stand-by items will provide a base to build on for each event.


1. A small chalkboard and chalk – Guests can write messages about themselves or the event hosts, or phrases they’d like included in the photo.

2. Feather boas in various colors – Easy to pack and appropriate for kitsch or put-on class, a feather boa plays well at a young wedding or a 50-year reunion.

3. Flowers – From formal to fun, a small offering of fresh (or reasonably realistic artificial) flowers gives guests something to do with their hands while posing, and adds color to the shot.

4. Balloons – Whether they’re scattered at the base of a photo or filled with helium and held, a handful of inflated balloons are a low-cost, easily replaced item to keep in your kit.

5. Empty frames – Large enough to frame the face and small enough to avoid comedy, a set of empty frames add a level of depth and perspective to the overall shot.

6. Brightly colored pinwheels – Offering contrast to a solid backdrop and the ability to create a bright palette in a single group shot, a set of paper pinwheels in bold colors can be independently made or inexpensively bought for each event.

7. A quote bubble – Shaped from a chalkboard or paper, a handful of quote bubbles can add a nice message to the event host, or a playful phrase to the photo. Create one out of dry erase-board paper or paint to make it reusable.

8. Bowties in various colors – In

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prints that aren’t too flashy or glittery, easy-to-apply bow ties are useful at any event. Attach paper copies to the end of a wooden dowel, or offer clip-on cloth versions.

9. Sunglasses – Keep a small set of black, plastic sunglasses on hand for use at daytime or evening events. They add a small amount of humor to a formal event photo without going over the top, or play into a broader, sillier photo scheme in a more festive setting.

10. A fake moustache on a stick – Someone will use it, no matter the occasion. Same goes for a pair of bright red lips.

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